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SPONSORED POST: Segue Cloud Services Multi-Funding Case Study

The Following sponsored post was contributed by Segue Cloud Services.

The Challenge

Multi Funding USA is a pre-settlement finance provider that serves attorneys and their plaintiffs. The company has been serving clients for nearly a decade, providing millions of dollars in financial support in jurisdictions like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Texas, California, Florida, and Washington. Through its pre-settlement funding services, plaintiffs can access much needed funds during the often lengthy settlement process as they wait for their cases to be resolved. When a case concludes in favor of the plaintiff, Multi Funding recoups its investment at a preferred rate of return.

What’s Behind the Rise in Shareholder and Competition Claims in the UK?

Prominent group action claims against the likes of Visa and MasterCard, RBS, Uber and Google underscore a surge in activity around group actions in the UK. What’s causing this sudden jolt? As it turns out, there are a combination of factors at play….

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