Member Spotlight: Maros Kravec

Maros founded LitFin in 2018 after spending several years as a business director of a successful property development company in Manchester, the United Kingdom. As LitFin’s managing partner, Maros handles its day-to-day activities, business strategy and investments. Lately, his primary focus revolves around LitFin SICAV, a recently established fully-regulated fund, perhaps the first of its kind within the EU area focused on the litigation finance industry.

In 2019, Maros was honored as part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, a testament to his entrepreneurial skills and influence in the business world. Furthermore, Maros is a Chambers-ranked individual for 2023 in the EU.

Maros’ education includes graduating with distinction in law, which he studied in Manchester (the UK) and Lund (Sweden). His international educational background has played a crucial role in shaping his career and business strategies.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Maros enjoys a variety of personal interests. He is known for his love of swimming and traveling, however, most of all he cherishes spending weekends at his countryside mansion nestled in the hills, where he can relax and unwind from his busy work schedule.

Company Name and Description: LitFin Capital

Company Website:

Year Founded:  2018

Headquarters:  Prague, Czech Republic

Area of Focus:  LitFin is a European complex litigation funder with a special focus on funding follow-on cases related to the private enforcement of damages within the realms of EU competition law.

Member Quote: “Our mission is to use litigation funding in order to help injured individuals, companies, insolvency dispute stakeholders, and others to achieve justice, and provide our investors with outstanding returns. From the position of the pioneer in the region, LitFin shortly became one of the most considerable players in the EU funding space. We partner with investors who aim to diversify their investment portfolios while promoting positive social impact, as well as with law firms, which benefit from the potential to offer their clients alternative fee arrangements while minimizing associated risks.”

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