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Litigation Finance Journal Team


Jason Redlus

LFJ was formed by entrepreneur and investor Jason Redlus. Mr. Redlus was the Founder of Argyle Executive Forum, one of the nation’s fastest growing marketing services companies. In 2015, Argyle Executive Forum was acquired by The Wicks Group of Companies, a leading private equity firm.

Prior to forming Argyle, Jason launched the private-equity business unit for Capital IQ, a leading financial information services company. Capital IQ was acquired by Standard & Poor’s. Mr. Redlus holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Managing Editor

John Freund

John Freund holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business. John has written and published two nonfiction books, dozens of articles, and one purchased yet unproduced screenplay about the Spanish Inquisition.

After several years working for private equity firm Balfour Investors, John left to pursue his passion for writing about business and finance. He recently formed his own content creation & marketing company, 1010 Content. For more information, or to contact John, please visit www.1010content.com