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SPONSORED POST: Litigation Finance Opportunity for ‘David vs. Goliath’ Case

Loewinsohn Flegle Deary Simon is prosecuting a claim valued at $31m. We are raising $2.3m for return within 12 months, possible additional upside. $450k to close, balance on run rate 30 days net to trial.

The claimant is a single individual plaintiff who is a very credible former investment banker. Claimant is very knowledgeable and is committed to conclusion of the claim. One defendant is a large international financial institution and the second defendant is a highly liquid mortgage loan originator. Case documents are structured finance and real estate. Defendant’s counsel is a national general practice firm, lead defense counsel is 4-year partner. This is a complex financial claim, fact intensive, document case. Documents we hold support an opinion letter from a legal 500 firm at 80% chance of recovery. Damages are supported by preliminary economic expert and other case documents.

Law Professionals Vote USClaims Tops in Texas Lawyer 2018 ‘Best Of’ Survey

DRB Financial Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, USClaims (, has been voted a top service provider by the readers of The Texas Lawyer in the publication’s “Best of 2018” survey. USClaims took first place in the category of Consumer Litigation Funding Provider and ranked among the top three firms in surveys in Dallas and Houston.

FCA Legal Funding Unveils 36-Month Cap-Out Contract

LOS ANGELESAug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FCA Legal Funding has announced a 36-month cap-out contract to plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding. It indicates the most a client has to repay on pre-settlement funding in California, so there are no uncertainties or surprises. Also, the contract details the minimum and maximum payback timeframes regardless of case length.

TriMark Legal Funding LLC Provides a Financial Lifeline to Accident Victims with Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding

America’s foremost lawsuit funding company, TriMark Legal Funding LLC, provides lawsuit cash advances to personal injury accident victims nationwide who are involved in pending and settled litigation

TriMark Legal Funding LLC, established in 2003, has grown to become a leader in the fast-growing litigation funding industry. The company was built on the principles of integrity, honesty and commitment to service and these principles have not only withstood the test of time, they have been the cornerstone of TriMark’s phenomenal growth by guiding it to focus on competitive rates, world-class customer care, fast approvals and next day delivery of funds.