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Mill City Ventures III, Ltd. Extends Further Credit to Mustang Litigation Funding

Mill City Ventures III, Ltd. (“Mill City”) (NASDAQ:MCVT), a specialty short-term finance and non-bank lender, announced today that it extended an additional $1 million of short-term loan principal to Mustang Funding LLC d/b/a Mustang Litigation Funding (“Mustang”) and refinanced and extended earlier provided short-term loan principal.

The American Legal Finance Association Objects to U.S. District Judge’s Case Management Order Regarding Litigation Funding

The American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) objects on behalf of its 30 members to the Case Management Order No. 61 issued by U.S. District Judge M. Casey Rodgers on August 29, 2023 in the 3M Combat Arms Earplug Product Litigation. The Order prohibits claimants in the Litigation from obtaining consumer legal funding without court approval and does not cite any applicable factual basis or legal precedent for such an order. The Order was issued without providing any due process to ALFA members whose funding contracts are in demand by claimants.


The Minnesota Supreme Court took a significant step to ensuring equal access to justice with their decision in Maslowski vs. Prospect Funding Partners LLC. yesterday, overturning the trial court and Court of Appeals holding and ruling unanimously that Consumer Litigation Funding is not subject to usury law as there is no absolute requirement to repay. In their decision, reversing the trial court and Court of Appeals, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the repurchase rate in Prospect’s agreement was not subject to Minnesota’s usury statute. The American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) filed the only amicus curiae brief in this case on behalf of the interest of their members.

Legal-Bay Pre-Settlement Funding Reports Johnson & Johnson’s Latest Attempt at Bankruptcy has Failed

Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, announced today that Johnson & Johnson’s efforts to put a hold on the numerous lawsuits they are facing by filing bankruptcy have failed. Judge Kaplan ruled that the filing did not meet the requirements to qualify as a “good-faith” bankruptcy attempt, and was merely a way to seek protections against the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical giant will be expected to pay out in damages.

Legal-Bay Pre Settlement Funding Company Reports Increase in Lawsuit Funding Requests During Back to School Season

Legal-Bay, the Pre-Settlement Funding Company, announced an uptick in applications for settlement funding now that back-to-school season has begun. Now that summer is over and kids are heading back to school, many parents of college-aged children are faced with the added costs of tuition payments, textbooks, and travel expenses to-and-from campus, not to mention meals and housing once they get there.

Pegasus Secures Warehouse Facility with a Leading Bank

Pegasus Legal Capital, LLC (“Pegasus”) (, one of the preeminent pre-settlement legal funding companies in the U.S., announced today that it has recently closed a senior debt transaction with East West Bank. This marks another significant capital market transaction for the company and proceeds from the transaction will enable Pegasus to continue its growth across the United States.

Legal-Bay Pre Settlement Funding Company Reports Syracuse Diocese to Pay $100 Million Settlement to Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Legal-Bay, the Pre-Settlement Funding Company, reports that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New York has just announced a $100 million settlement for sexual abuse plaintiffs. With approximately 400 claimants, settlements average out to $250,000 per case, but some plaintiffs will receive more or less than that amount based on the severity of the abuse incurred.

Legal-Bay Pre-Settlement Funding to Add Mesothelioma Cases for Funding Along with Talc After Large $18MM Verdict

Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they are now adding mesothelioma victims to their list of Johnson & Johnson talc plaintiffs. The pharmaceutical company just lost their most recent court case, resulting in a landmark $18 million verdict. Both J&J and plaintiffs/lawyers await the next steps in what has been a painfully slow process.