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Member Spotlight: Maros Kravec

Maros founded LitFin in 2018 after spending several years as a business director of a successful property development company in Manchester, the United Kingdom. As LitFin’s managing partner, Maros handles its day-to-day activities, business strategy and investments. Lately, his primary focus revolves around LitFin SICAV, a recently established fully-regulated fund, perhaps the first of its kind within the EU area focused on the litigation finance industry.

Legal-Bay Legal Funding Announces Dedication to Legal Malpractice Case Funding

Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they have expanded their branch dedicated to various types of Legal Malpractice Cases. As an industry leader in legal funding and lawsuit funding with various types of lawsuits, Legal-Bay is one of the go-to funders in the legal malpractice arena. This is due to the lawsuit settlement funding company’s expertise and success in helping both law firms and clients obtain the resources they need to fight and win their cases.