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Episode 52 — Cormac Leech; AxiaFunder

Our guest today is Cormac Leech, founder of AxiaFunder. AxiaFunder is a UK-based funding platform that provides institutional and high net worth investors the opportunity to invest in commercial litigation claims. Cormac discusses his company’s success thus far both in attracting investors and sourcing strong claims, how crowdfunding platforms should be considered in the context of FCA rulings and ALF guidelines, some disclosure concerns for litigation funders, and what AxiaFunder’s priorities are going forward.

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AxiaFunder Returns 94% to Investors Through Second Commercial Litigation Case Win

LONDONApril 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AxiaFunder, the UK’s first for-profit litigation funding platform, today announces its second case win, returning 93.75% to investors in just 15 months.

Commercial Litigation Crowdfunding Platform, AxiaFunder and Solomonic litigation analytics, partner to deliver a new generation of financing decision-making

Commercial Litigation Crowdfunding Platform, Axiafunder and Solomonic litigation analytics have agreed a partnership where Solomonic will provide AxiaFunder with the statistical data to support their case evaluation and due diligence Workflows.