Commercial Litigation Crowdfunding Platform, AxiaFunder and Solomonic litigation analytics, partner to deliver a new generation of financing decision-making

Commercial Litigation Crowdfunding Platform, Axiafunder and Solomonic litigation analytics have agreed a partnership where Solomonic will provide AxiaFunder with the statistical data to support their case evaluation and due diligence Workflows.

Cormac Leech, founder and CEO of AxiaFunder said, “for us moving to a process for determining funding that is based on rigorous data is critical to our business model and Solomonic’s data and analysis in unrivalled in the UK market.”

He added, “Our goal is to transform litigation funding by introducing a wider group of sophisticated investors to litigation assets that traditionally haven’t been funded in this way. To do that we have to have more dynamic case evaluation supported by data, rather than relying solely on the traditional approaches still in use in the sector. “

AxiaFunder adopts a comprehensive, six-part review in selecting cases eligible for funding by investors, with the prospects for success fundamental to the decision. AxiaFunder will use Solomonic’s robust and extensive Commercial data set and outcome calculators to help determine relevant base rates for the claim type both to inform the review and as part of their due diligence before any claim is promoted to potential investors.

Gideon Cohen, Solomonic co-founder commented: “we are delighted to be partnering with AxiaFunder. Their approach is transformational and because our data is so rigorous and brings so much additional value, will make a meaningful contribution to the proposition they offer to investors in litigation financing.

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