Bentham IMF Launches Bankruptcy Funding Platform with Addition of Investment Manager; Hires Corporate Counsel in New York

NEW YORK (October 16, 2017) — Leading commercial litigation funder Bentham IMF is launching a new bankruptcy litigation funding platform to help debtors, creditors and other stakeholders involved in commercial disputes. The initiative will be led by New York bankruptcy lawyer Ken Epstein, who joins the company as an investment manager and legal counsel. Mr. Epstein was formerly…

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Is Consumer Legal Funding a loan? Why does it matter?

Opponents of Consumer Legal Funding have been working overtime to classify the product as a loan within the confines of State Legislators.

You may ask yourself, ‘so why does this matter?’

The classification of Consumer Legal Funding as a loan is more than mere semantics. Consumer Legal Funding is the purchase of an asset; that being a portion of the proceeds of the consumer’s legal claim. This form of investment allows the consumer to access much needed support in order to obtain the financial assistance they need while their claim is making its way through the system.

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