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Member Spotlight: David Harper

By John Freund |

With over two decades of experience in technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), David Harper has made significant strides in the UK’s BPO landscape, particularly noted for scaling one of the fastest-growing BPO businesses focused on enhancing customer experience and retention. 

David’s expertise in navigating complex outsourcing and insourcing strategies has helped numerous top-tier law firms boost efficiencies and cut costs, effectively integrating transformative legal technologies into their operations.

As co-founder and CEO of Legal Intelligence Ltd., David is pioneering the utilisation of Generative AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation to demystify advanced technologies for Litigation Funders and Law Firms. His vision is to craft a suite of powerful AI assets that provide clients with a formidable competitive edge, simplifying complex processes and empowering them to excel in a highly competitive environment.

Beyond his professional achievements, David is a devoted family man, enjoying quality time with his partner and two sons. Beyond his professional life and proud patron of The Prince’s Trust, dedicating time to charitable causes. Recently, he ventured into farming by purchasing a farm, and is enthusiastically navigating the steep—and often muddy—learning curve that comes with rural management.

Company Profile: Legal Intelligence Ltd

At Legal Intelligence, our mission is to empower legal firms and litigation funders to expand and innovate in a risk-managed environment. Our expert team, comprising AI, software, and data science specialists alongside seasoned professionals in litigation and finance, excels in developing and deploying cost-effective AI solutions that transform inefficiencies into robust efficiencies at scale.

Our clients benefit from rapid capital deployment, streamlined client onboarding, and unparalleled book-building capabilities. Automation drives our processes, ensuring reduced overheads and top-tier operational and customer service delivery, allowing our clients to scale confidently and maintain service excellence.

Understanding the economic dynamics of litigation funding and their partnered law firms has led us to develop a unique cost model for our suite of AI tools. We align our model with the risk and reward dynamics often seen in funded arrangements, truly partnering with our clients—your success is indeed our success.

Legal Intelligence is setting new standards for excellence and innovation in the legal sector. Let us be your partner in driving digital transformation. Together, we’ll redefine what’s possible in the legal industry, achieving outcomes that are efficient, risk-aware, and client-focused.

Welcome to the future of litigation—and yes, we’re really nice people too!


“Generative AI is not about replacing human expertise but enhancing it. Our suite of AI assets ensures a seamless integration of human judgment with advanced AI capabilities, providing a synergy that is unmatched in the industry,” says David Harper.

Year Founded: 2024
Headquarters: London and Gateshead, operating globally.
Area of Focus: Legal Technology and AI Outsourcing Solutions

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