Episode 1 — Eric Schuller; President, ARC

On this episode of the Litigation Finance Podcast, our guest is Eric Schuller. Eric is the Director of Government and Community Affairs at Oasis Financial, an Illinois-based Consumer Legal Funder, and President of ARC – the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding. ARC is a trade organization and coalition of Consumer Legal Funders dedicated to preserving the industry through political and social outreach.

Eric went in-depth on Consumer Legal Funding – who uses it, how they benefit, and how the industry operates. We discussed the Chamber of Commerce’s push to label Consumer Legal Funding transactions as loans, and how Consumer Legal Funders can best counter their arguments. We also delved into Eric’s lobbying efforts – the frank discussions he’s had with legislators, and how specifically he’s educating them to better understand the industry.

We closed on Eric’s predictions for the Consumer Legal Funding industry, and he was kind enough to share an extremely personal story from one of his clients.

If you’re at all interested in the Consumer Legal Funding space – including the challenges and opportunities therein – you need to check out this podcast!

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