Multi Funding USA Earns NMLS Certification

Woodstock, NY—September 24, 2019 — Multi Funding USA, a leading pre-settlement funding provider serving law firms and attorneys, announced that it has received NMLS  (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry) certification, indicating that the company has the financial resources and security protocols to satisfy the needs of lawyers and plaintiffs. Applying for NMLS certification is completely voluntary. Only a select group of litigation finance providers have applied and received NMLS designation.

During the NMLS evaluation process, applicants undergo comprehensive business and personal background checks, financial audits, and a review of corporate documentation, including business plans, shareholder agreements, and financial statements. Applicants must also demonstrate compliance in safeguarding personal data and financial transactions.

“We’re extremely proud to have earned this certification, which is certainly unique in the litigation finance sector. This designation demonstrates that our company has the financial resources, expertise, and technology to properly serve the attorneys and their clients that rely on pre-settlement funding to manage their daily living expenses,” said Michelle Fuoco, chief financial officer of Multi Funding USA. “Pursuing NMLS certification is complex, however. We felt this designation was essential to assure our customers that Multi Funding is a reliable, secure, and stable company that can fulfill all their pre-settlement funding needs.”

Multi Funding USA invests in litigations for attorneys and their clients. The company has developed a system that can place funds into the hands of plaintiffs and attorneys in less than 24 hours, providing financial security in the often-lengthy pre-settlement period.

About Multi Funding USA

Headquartered in Woodstock, New York, Multi Funding USA is a major provider of specialized legal funding, attorney funding, and law firm funding services. With decades of lawsuit funding, business, and legal experience, the company’s founders have made it their focus to provide simple and fast services while maintaining a high standard of excellence. Multi Funding USA has provided millions of dollars of legal funding to plaintiffs and attorneys across the United States.

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