Manolete Partners Reports Increases in Case Completions, New Investments and Revenue in Half-Year Results

With the numbers of insolvencies on the rise in the aftermath of the pandemic, insolvency litigation funders are seeing the market begin to shift in their favour, as reflected in new financial reporting from one of the UK’s leading funders of insolvency litigation.

Manolete Partners released its unaudited half-year results for the six months up to 30 September 2023, reporting that the business has seen significant increases in case completions, new case investments and total revenues.

According to the H1 FY24 results, Manolete recorded 116 case completions during this period, which marked a 21% increase from the 95 cases completed during H1 FY23. Across these cases, the average duration dropped from 14.9 months in FY23 to only 11.5 months in FY24. Manolete suggested that ‘this signifies a return to the Company’s long established case duration of around 12.7 months, which had expanded temporarily due to the challenges presented by Covid.’

The funder also confirmed that it ended H1 FY24 with 417 cases that are still ongoing, which once again represented a significant increase of 58% over the same period in FY23.

Moving on to Manolete’s investments, the funder reported a total of 179 new case investments in H1 FY24, representing a 116% rise from last year’s H1 total of 83 new investments. Manolete explained this increase, stating that ‘the higher level of insolvencies in the economy translated to higher new cases signed as well as the impact of the Barclay Bounce Back Loan Pilot (BBLs).’

Regarding the BBL pilot scheme, Manolete reported that since the start of the calendar year it has signed 80 of these cases and has already achieved completion on 27 cases. As LFJ reported in October, Manolete confirmed that it ‘is hopeful to shortly commence a separate BBL pilot with another well-known bank.’

Overall, Manolete recorded a 104% increase in total revenues, achieving £11.2m in H1 FY24 compared to £5.5m in H1 FY23

In his statement on the results, Steven Cooklin, Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the importance of the return of large company insolvencies “back to pre-pandemic levels”, which is now filtering down to create increased opportunities for funders focusing on insolvency litigation. He explained that “as the insolvency market develops through the current business cycle, the Directors anticipate a return to higher average case sizes, reflecting a greater mix of larger company insolvencies.”

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