LitFin Capital, in cooperation with WOOD & Company, launched a unique fund of qualified investors

LitFin Capital, a Prague-based litigation finance provider and one of the largest players in Europe, has enriched the investment landscape by launching one of the first qualified investor funds for litigation finance in continental Europe. Developed in partnership with WOOD & Company, a major Czech investment firm, this innovative fund presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking uncorrelated market returns.

“We’re extremely thrilled that after significant preparation time, as this is still a new asset class, we came to the successful setting up of the fund,” says Ondrej Tylecek, partner at LitFin overseeing the investments of the group. Primarily focused on investing in significant LitFin cases, the fund aims to deliver an impressive net return of around 15% per annum. “This venture marks a strategic move by LitFin to take advantage of the lack of competitors in this space and introduce a distinctive investment path that remains resilient and independent of traditional financial market fluctuations,” adds Tylecek.

By entering this territory of regulated investment funds, LitFin aims to provide investors with an exclusive opportunity to diversify their portfolios and tap into a niche market with significant potential. Partnering with WOOD & Company, known for its prestige and expertise in investment management, further solidifies the fund’s credibility and promise of delivering exceptional results.

The creation of LitFin SICAV not only represents a milestone for LitFin Capital, but also allows to offer litigation finance participation to smaller investors seeking strategic opportunities in alternative assets. Investors are encouraged to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to participate in a venture that promises both financial rewards and new diversification possibilities. The development of litigation finance in the European market is very promising over the next few years, thanks to the growing understanding of its benefits and the maturing legal environment inspired by common law countries. This shift is likely to widen the range of cases eligible for funding and boost the volume of capital invested.

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