Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Raises Over $2MM with Joint Venture Partner to Fund Personal Injury Claims

Legal-Bay Pre Settlement Funding reports an expansion to their capital needs now that funding applications are on the rise. The entire legal system had practically ground to a halt due to Covid-19, which caused massive delays in the courts. But now that life is starting to return to normal, backlogged dockets are being addressed. With renewed activity, Legal-Bay is seeing an increase in applications for settlement funding.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented, “We are pleased to report that with our acquisition of over $2MM in cash and conversion of another $1MM in old notes that we are poised to ring in a new post-Covid era of funding with a $3MM capital base. With courts slowed due to the pandemic, our industry has seen a downturn of funding volume, but Legal-Bay is now positioned to fulfill our origination volume expected over the next few months. Our ultimate goal is secure a minimum of $10MM in new capital to fill our business needs over the next twelve-month period and beyond. We have entered discussions with key institutional groups, and now with the pandemic behind us—as well as an exceptional seven-year track record of settling funding claims—we believe the future looks bright once again.”

Legal-Bay is a direct funding source and considered one of the best lawsuit funding companies in the industry. Their turnaround time is lightning fast, and their customer service is top notch. They’ve been in the pre-settlement lawsuit funding business for over a decade, so their experience is extensive.

If you would like more information about Legal-Bay, please visit their website HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405 for any other questions.

Legal-Bay funds all types of lawsuits including commercial litigation, personal injury cases, dog bites, car and truck accidents, medical malpractice, Purdue OxyContin cases, Boy Scouts of America or clergy abuse cases, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination or conviction, and many more.

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