LCM Releases Interim Results for the Half Year

Litigation Capital Management has released its Interim results for the half year ended 31 December 2022.


  • Fund II Capital commitment at A$79m as at 31 December 2022 and A$114m as at 28 February 2023. Fund I fully committed
  • Assets under Management (AuM) increased to A$506m by 31 December 2022 with further commitments in Fund II bringing our AuM to A$537m at 28 February 2023
  • Overall Capital commitments were up significantly on the same prior year period at A$107m
  • 162 applications reviewed, made up of better quality, larger and more complex cases, with expectations of enhanced returns from these cases
  • Capital invested during the period increased from A$31.5m to A$56.9m
  • Total revenue A$3.0m with a further A$22.5m recognised post the period end
  • Adjusted loss for the period A$5.5m reflecting conservative revenue recognition. Post balance sheet resolutions would have increased LCM only performance to an adjusted operating profit of A$6.3m

Post period events and outlook

  • Post Year End first successful settlement from a Fund I co-investment, generating ROIC of 278% for LCM’s balance sheet contribution and expected to contribute A$6.3m to gross profit
  • Post Year End successful settlement on one of LCM’s 100% direct balance sheet investments which was an Australian class action contributing approximately A$5.8m to gross profit

(Capital commitment means the total estimated budget of an investment)

Commenting on the results, Patrick Moloney, CEO of Litigation Capital Management, said: “I am pleased we have continued to make progress on our Fund Management business, which has the potential to bring superior returns to LCM, as demonstrated by the first successful settlement from a Fund I investment, producing favourable outcomes both for the Fund and our balance sheet.”

“Building on the increased levels of commitments in the period, we expect more investment opportunities to present themselves, in part due to the counter cyclical nature of our business, and as moratoriums against insolvency and restructuring disputes are relaxed. Our track record shows we are well positioned to capitalise on these opportunities, wherever they present themselves in the world.”

LCM will be hosting a webinar for investors today at 11.00 a.m. The presentation is open to all existing and potential shareholders. If you would like to attend this presentation, please register using the following link: 

A webinar presentation for analysts will take place at 9.00am. Analysts wishing to attend should contact: to register.

The accompanying results presentation is available on LCM’s website: 

The Interim Financial Report is available at:

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