LCM: Court Approval of Settlement and Portfolio and Pipeline Update

Litigation Capital Management Limited (AIM:LIT), a leading international provider of litigation financing solutions, announces that the court has approved a settlement in respect of one of its class action litigation projects. This follows the negotiated settlement in principle of this litigation project announced on 20 March 2019.


  • Court approval granted on 28 May 2019 with the effect that the settlement has become final and binding between the parties.
  • Further judgment expected shortly which will determine the precise amount of LCM’s share of these funds following which LCM will make a further announcement with the financial metrics of this litigation project.
  • The settlement funds will be paid within 30 days with LCM’s entitlement set to contribute significantly to profit for the current financial year to 30 June 2019.
  • Fourth litigation project that LCM has completed in the current financial period.

The litigation project relates to a class action LCM funded on behalf of certain former shareholders in a resources company formerly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The other party is an international professional services company and prior to a final hearing, both parties participated in a mediation where a settlement in principle was reached.

The terms of the settlement (which are confidential) were approved by the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia at a hearing on 28 May 2019. This renders the settlement final and triggers the obligation on the defendant to pay the settlement sum.

Class actions represent one of several types of litigation projects that LCM provides funding for across single-case and portfolios, as well as international arbitration, commercial claims and claims arising out of insolvency.

Portfolio and pipeline update

LCM currently has a portfolio of 28 projects under management. 18 of those litigation projects are unconditionally funded and 10 projects are conditionally signed. Since LCM’s last announcement in relation to its portfolio, the projects which have moved to be unconditionally funded include:

  • Proceedings in Hong Kong brought on behalf of company in liquidation alleging breach of contract and negligence against a Hong Kong company with a capital commitment to be provided by LCM of US$0.965 million.
  • An ICC arbitration seated in London brought on behalf of a hotel and hospitality developer against a large global company with a capital commitment to be provided by LCM of US$1.5 million.

The balance of new matters are signed up on a conditional basis and will be announced separately in a future update provided that they transition to an unconditional status.

The current pipeline of pre-qualified opportunities continues to demonstrate the large and diverse investment opportunities within the company. LCM currently has approximately 65 pipeline projects across a mix of litigation financing including commercial, international arbitration, insolvency, class actions and corporate portfolios. The estimated potential investment across those 65 projects exceeds A$400 million. That pipeline of investment opportunities is dynamic and changes regularly. The pipeline reflects the global nature of LCM’s business with projects in Australia, the Asia Pacific and EMEA.

Of that pipeline, LCM is undertaking due diligence, or in advanced negotiations with respect to nine corporate portfolio transactions. In respect of some of those corporate portfolio opportunities, commercial term sheets have been issued and negotiations are continuing.

Patrick Moloney, CEO of LCM, said: 

“We’re delighted to receive court approval for the settlement reached earlier this year in March. The completion of this litigation project vindicates our approach to project selection and use of active project management. The profitability and contribution from this project are also likely to be ahead of our expectations at the time of the settlement in principle in March 

“We are very pleased with the status of our current portfolio and pipeline. Both our portfolio and our pipeline demonstrate the successful implementation of our strategies of diversification by geographical region and project type as well as continued growth in the size of our portfolio.

“LCM has a strong and longstanding track record of funding class actions, which continue to make up a proportion of our diversified portfolio and pipeline of litigation projects, alongside corporate portfolios, claims arising out of insolvency, international arbitration and commercial litigation.”

About LCM

Litigation Capital Management (“LCM”) is a leading international provider of litigation financing solutions. This includes single-case and portfolios across class actions, commercial claims, claims arising out of insolvency and international arbitration. LCM has an unparalleled track record, driven by effective project selection, active project management and robust risk management. Headquartered in Sydney, with offices in London, Singapore, Brisbane and Melbourne, LCM has been listed on AIM since December 2018, trading under the ticker LIT.

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