IVO Capital Partners becomes the 8th member of the European Litigation Funders Association (ELFA)

The European Litigation Funders Association (ELFA) is pleased to announce that IVO Capital Partners, an independent French investment manager with nearly 10 years of active presence in the litigation funding industry, has joined ELFA.

Paul de Servigny, manager of litigation finance strategy at IVO Capital Partners stated: “Active since 2014 we have witnessed firsthand the strong development of the litigation finance industry in Europe for claimants and lawyers seeking funding as well as for investors seeking different strategies and return profiles compared to typical illiquid offerings. Joining ELFA and being able to work with our fellow funders is the logical step as the market grows and further institutionalizes itself. We are very excited in actively participating to help guide and advise the various national and European institutions and governmental bodies who have shown, for good reason, more and more interest in litigation finance.”

Charles Demoulin, Deminor’s Chief Investment Officer and ELFA Director, commented: “We are delighted to have IVO Capital Partners joini ELFA. Based in France, their team has extensive experience and expertise in litigation funding specifically bringing on board a French perspective. With IVO Capital Partners, we further increase the number of European jurisdictions being represented in the association. While litigation funding is a global phenomenon, the ability to acknowledge, understand and address the regional and local specificities from a legal and cultural perspective specifically in the EU remains a priority for ELFA and its members. We look forward to involving IVO Capital Partners in all our activities. We trust their contribution to ELFA’s mission, together with those of all existing and future members, will be highly valuable for the litigation funding industry and the legal community as a whole.”

About The European Litigation Funders Association:

ELFA was founded by three leading litigation funders with a European footprint, Deminor, Nivalion AG, and Omni Bridgeway Limited. ELFA was established to serve as the European voice of the commercial litigation funding industry. With the objective of representing the industry’s interests before governmental bodies, international organizations and professional associations, ELFA also aims to act as a clearinghouse and reference for relevant information, research and data regarding the uses and applications of commercial legal finance within the European continent.

About IVO Capital Partners:

Founded in 2012, IVO Capital Partners is an independent French management company specialized in various forms of corporate debt. They invest in listed and unlisted credit with a predilection for special situations offering yield premiums on international markets, particularly emerging markets and litigation finance. The company manages €1.3 billion in assets and employs around 30 people at its Paris offices.

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