Dutch class action progressing against Airbus relating to large-scale corruption and bribery

For many years, Airbus allegedly facilitated large-scale bribery and corruption in its aviation business. Airbus did not adequately inform the investing public about its wrongful conduct. Investigations by various authorities subsequently resulted in Airbus having to pay a fine of approximately € 3.6 billion (US$ 4 billion).

When this information became publicly known, the price of Airbus shares fell sharply, causing huge loss to investors. They are entitled to be compensated by Airbus.

The class action is open to all institutional investors and retail investors in Airbus who purchased and held its ordinary shares through the Paris, Frankfurt or Spanish stock exchanges during the period 1 January 2008 to 31 July 2020.

No cure, no pay: Investors who have suffered loss can join the class action by registering with Airbus Investors Recovery Stichting (AIRS) at no upfront cost. AIRS is represented by leading law firm Scott+Scott, and has obtained funding from Woodsford, a specialist in environmental, social and corporate governance related engagement and a leading litigation funder.

For more information visit www.airbusinvestorsrecoverystichting.com/register

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