Delta Capital Partners Management Welcomes Michael Callahan as Chief Operating Officer

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC, a global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, has announced the hiring of new senior executive Michael Callahan.

Mr. Callahan joins Delta as its Chief Operating Officer, where he will execute the firm’s strategic and tactical plans worldwide; lead investor relations; and oversee the implementation of new business initiatives, product development, and office openings.

Prior to joining Delta, Mr. Callahan worked at Boston Capital for 28 years, where he was a Senior Vice President and the Director of Asset Management. At Boston Capital, Mr. Callahan was responsible for a team of over 60 professionals monitoring and reporting on the performance of Boston Capital’s $7.7 billion portfolio, including both lower tier asset management and upper tier investor relations functions.  Mr. Callahan also led the team at Boston Capital that developed a proprietary asset management and reporting platform which was utilized throughout the company.

Christopher DeLise, Delta’s Founder, CEO and CO-CIO, stated, “We are very pleased to welcome Michael to the Delta team, where his extensive experience in asset management, investor relations, and investment company operations will be invaluable as Delta continues its global expansion and further enhances the firm’s strong position within the litigation and legal finance industry.”

About Delta

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC is a US-based, global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, judgment and award enforcement, and asset recovery. Delta creates bespoke financing solutions for professional service firms, businesses, governments, financial institutions, investment firms, and individual claimants.

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