Affiniti Finance Announces £10MM Funding Line to Royds Withy King

We are delighted to announce we have established a funding facility with major law firm, Royds Withy King. This £10 million pound innovative funding facility will allow the law firm to offer clients a competitive edge in the litigation arena where the costs of pursuing claims to trial can be prohibitively expensive. The funding will enable clients to unlock claims which they might otherwise find difficult to bring or where they wish to structure their own finances to the benefit of their business interests rather than the litigation.

Funding under the facility will spread the risk for claimants and, very importantly, is provided on a ‘non-recourse’ basis which means that if, unexpectedly, the claim fails, then there is no comeback for the claimant. The facility has been tailored to support a variety of practice areas and sectors both in the UK and internationally, including Arbitration and Contentious Probate.

Jamie Lester, Dispute Resolution Partner in Royds Withy King’s City Office, who has overseen the project, said: “Legal disputes are unfortunately a fact of life and the higher the stakes, the more damaging and costly they can be to parties who will not only have to shoulder legal expenses as part of their existing budgets but also suffer the opportunity costs of diverted resources.”

“After extensive research of the funding market, we are extremely excited about the facility with Affiniti Finance whom we recognise as bringing a fresh and transparent approach to the market and whose proposition we believe will be of real and tangible benefit to our clients. The facility is designed to provide them with a tool to hedge risk, eliminate budget constraints and monetise pending claims to free up capital for other business needs. It also resets the bargaining position against deep pocket defendants. The facility can also be accessed within a matter of days rather than the customary lead time of two-three months.”

Our CEO, Ian Cunningham, said: “Affiniti Finance is delighted to provide the funding facility to Royds Withy King, a leader in the UK and international litigation markets. Our facility will enable Royds Withy King clients further access to justice and forge a formidable relationship for both parties.”

Stewart Wilkinson, London Head of Dispute Resolution at Royds Withy King, said: “We have always prided ourselves in offering our clients innovative pricing options and structures for pursuing litigation in the UK and overseas. The facility with Affiniti Finance is the logical next step in this process and forms part of a series of innovative initiatives that we are bringing to the market to assist clients in a rapidly changing environment.”

About Affiniti Finance

Affiniti Finance was founded in 2014 and specialises in providing financial support to individuals or companies who are pursuing meritorious legal claims. The company covers several areas of legal funding including Financial Mis-selling, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury and across the commercial spectrum. Affiniti Finance helps claimants manage the risk of litigation and empowers them to pursue claims that might not otherwise be possible.

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