USClaims Becomes a Skyline Partner of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA)

USClaims is proud to announce that it is now a top sponsor of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA). With its $100,000 commitment at the Skyline Partner level, USClaims joins with 5-Star Legal Funding to support one of the strongest trial lawyer associations in the country. This momentous partnership furthers USClaims’ mission of making Litigation Funding Simplified ™.

Donna Lee Jones, President of USClaims, summed up the importance of this partnership:  “Now more than ever, we must support trial lawyers in their never-ending battle of protecting clients’ rights.  USClaims recognizes that litigants continually face hurdles in the path to justice.  USClaims is here to help the 3000 trial attorney members of NYSTLA overcome those hurdles.”   This strong support for NY trial lawyers was echoed by Robert Gentili, co-founder of 5-Star Legal funding:  “5-Star has always had the passion to help over the past 15 years.  Working together with USClaims, we now have unlimited resources and stand united with NY trial attorneys and their clients.”  USClaims is the only litigation funding company committed to NY trial lawyers at the Skyline Partner Level.

About USClaims:  USClaims ( provides pre-settlement litigation funding nationwide, and has been in continuous operation helping attorneys and their clients since 1996 – the longest of any pre-settlement litigation funding company in the United States.   Its flagship offering is non-recourse financial support to personal injury victims, many of whom have endured tremendous suffering from wrongful conviction, motor vehicle accidents, unsafe premises, medical malpractice, defective products and other wrongful harms.  This financial support provides injured plaintiffs the means to pay their personal bills, including for surgeries, and endure the often long and arduous litigation process.  USClaims also provides specialized lending to personal injury law firms to help them grow their practices.  Through its unparalleled service, USClaims aims to change the perspective of the pre-settlement funding industry and, most importantly, to become a major asset to trial attorneys.   USClaims accomplishes this goal by low rates with no hidden fees, non-compounding rates, a 2x cap on the funded amount, in-house attorney underwriters, and funding within 24 hours of approval.   USClaims has repeatedly been voted one of the best litigation funding companies in the country, and supports trial lawyer associations nationwide.

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