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Episode 47 — Michael Weisz; YieldStreet

In this episode, we spoke with Michael Weisz of YieldStreet. Michael discusses how YieldStreet’s platform operates, allowing accredited investors to participate in alternative asset deals (including litigation finance) typically reserved for institutional players. Michael also explains the advantages of the platform provided to both investors and deal partners, as well as how the funding industry has evolved over the five years since YieldStreet’s inception, and why he believes the litigation funding industry is headed for a $50-$100 billion valuation by 2030.

YieldStreet’s Unprecedented Growth Generates Over $48MM of Interest for Investors upon Crossing $560MM Invested on Platform

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan 9, 2019–YieldStreet, a digital wealth management platform that is working to change the way that wealth is created, has become the first multi-asset platform to cross over $560MM invested since inception.

Episode 14 — Michael Weisz; Founder & President, YieldStreet

On this episode, we spoke with Michael Weisz, Co-Founder of YieldStreet. YieldStreet is a platform that allows accredited investors the opportunity to invest in alternative assets, such as commercial real estate and Litigation Finance. Michael explained to us why YieldStreet was founded, how the platform works, how they managed to overcome the challenge of educating investors about niche asset classes through YieldStreet University, and what the future looks like for both YieldStreet and Litigation Finance.