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TownCenter Partners LLC Introduces New Online Platform for investing in Portfolio of Cases in Litigation Finance

MCLEAN, Va.March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — TownCenter Partners LLC has proudly announced the implementation of its new platform for investing in litigation finance. This investment fund is designed to provide accredited investors only a way to earn possible returns on their investment while minimizing the risks associated with litigation finance investment via a portfolio of cases.

How Third-Party Litigation Funding Can Help Attorneys and Clients Get Results

The time and expense involved in litigation has always made it difficult for litigants to persevere through the entire process.  This is especially true for litigants with few resources.  Long-standing common law doctrines such as champerty and maintenance have been applied to prohibit “intermeddling” by third parties who sought to help such litigants by offering financial assistance in return for a share of the recovery. The rationale for this prohibition was that financing by third parties encouraged unmeritorious litigation and could turn the legal process into an instrument for harassment.  But recent developments have shown that third-party litigation financing can provide substantial benefits to litigants and their counsel.  More importantly, it can promote justice by helping sustain meritorious cases that might otherwise never be pursued to their conclusion.

How to Prevent the Waiver of Attorney-Client and Work-Product Privileges in a Litigation Funding Transaction

One of the emerging problems related to third-party litigation funding arises when a litigant and its counsel provide information to a funder about the substance and viability of their case.  Providing such information is necessary, of course, for the purposes of evaluation and monitoring, but communicating that information to an outsider to the attorney-client relationship creates a risk of waiving the attorney-client or work product privileges.