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Litigation Funder Affiniti Finance Raises £250m for Litigation and Dispute Funding

Affiniti Finance, the UK’s leading Consumer Credit litigation funder announces a £250m capital raise deal with a multi-billion dollar US based fund, which it said would ‘significantly’ increase its ability to fund the large volume of mid-range cases, specifically in the financial mis-selling and personal injury sector in the UK.

Episode 39 — Nick Pontt; Managing Director, Affiniti Finance

In this episode, we sit down with Nick Pontt, the newest addition to UK-based consumer and commercial funder, Affiniti Finance. Nick discusses the ins and outs of Affiniti’s unique business model, the types of claims the funder looks to finance, what separates Affiniti from the competition, and what the future holds for the company and broader litigation funding industry. 

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Affiniti Finance Announces £10MM Funding Line to Royds Withy King

We are delighted to announce we have established a funding facility with major law firm, Royds Withy King. This £10 million pound innovative funding facility will allow the law firm to offer clients a competitive edge in the litigation arena where the costs of pursuing claims to trial can be prohibitively expensive. The funding will enable clients to unlock claims which they might otherwise find difficult to bring or where they wish to structure their own finances to the benefit of their business interests rather than the litigation.