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“The more money our clients invest in advertising, the bigger their firms get, and (consequently) they keep returning for more capital.”

– Joshua Collins, Chief Investment Officer of Attorney Capital Funding,
on why his company is currently experiencing such massive growth.

Since its inception in late 2005, Attorney Capital Funding (in conjunction with the Xpress Capital Group family of companies) has procured $160MM in financing for over 11,000 customers. The company generates opportunities for small and large law firms, as well as solo attorneys who can’t seek out traditional financing via a bank or credit union. Some have been declined by their banks, and others simply need a way to obtain financing without tapping their personal credit profile. We empower these attorneys by allowing them to collateralize their portfolios based on future valuation, instead of limiting them by their historical income.

In short, we care more about where you’re going than where you’ve been.

Question: “How is a bank better than you guys?”

Clearly, banks charge less than a family office, hedge fund or other private equity group would. So, I always tell attorneys that if they can get approved by their banks, ‘OF COURSE, don’t use us or any alternative finance vehicle.’

We do not and never will attempt to compete with banks. They are good at what they do. Banks offer a small percentage of applicants less funding than what they request; but it costs less to use a bank than alternative financing. However, if you can get approval for traditional financing, don’t use any of us in this space.

Question: “Who benefits the most from your funding?”

Most attorneys report that they can see $7 or $8 back for every dollar invested in advertising. Attorneys who understand advertising/marketing should take advantage of our funding solutions. So, even though our funding costs more than that of a bank, at the end of the day it’s worth it because a) attorneys are going to write off their cost, and b) attorneys are receiving back a multiple of what they are investing.

Also, an attorney who wants to expand his or her practice can benefit from investing in new staff members, or by opening a new location in order to handle more new business.

Question: “How are your funding solutions better than those of a bank?” 

Our intimate knowledge of the Legal Services industry allows us to base our client’s funding size on our future valuation of their portfolio, in contrast to banks that use past performance. Legal Services is an asymmetric industry – revenue is not realized consistently. So when attorneys need to raise funds, it can benefit them to leverage the future valuation of their pipeline of cases, which can be substantially larger than past performance.

We also allow attorneys to pledge some or all of their cases, so in the event they don’t prevail in a single matter, they have the assurance that they have multiple opportunities to make good on their commitments.

Question: “How does the process work, and how long does it take to get approved?”

The first step is to take 3-5 minutes and complete the Due Diligence Questionnaire (or “application”) at AttorneyCapitalFunding.com.

The 2nd step is to complete our NDA. After the NDA has been fully-executed, we hold a brief introductory call in order to get to know you and your firm better.

The final step is to go over any last-minute supporting documents before closing and initiating the wire transfer. After a client submits an application (Due Diligence Questionnaire, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete) and the NDA (which takes 1-3 minutes to complete), underwriting typically takes 3-4 business days. After approval, it takes just 1-2 business days to release the wire, dependent upon the time the law firm sends in their final, signed documents.

Need New Portfolio Investment Opportunities?

If you are an investment firm seeking investment opportunities regarding our client’s portfolios, we would love to partner with you! In order to discuss working with us, please send an email to investmentopps@attorneycapitalfunding.com. We look forward to meeting you all.

If you require any additional information, you may call Attorney Capital Funding at 877.927.4448. Additionally, you may text or call either of the contacts listed below, and either Joshua or Michael will be happy to discuss your funding options.

Joshua Collins

Chief Investment Officer


Cell: 850.485.0599

Michael Kellison

Chief Personal Assistant


Cell: 727.225.4480

Attorney Capital Funding

13801 N. Florida Avenue Suite C

Tampa, FL 33613


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