Special Digital Event — Australia: The Evolution of a Litigation Finance Market

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On Tuesday, June 15th, 6pm EST, Litigation Finance Journal is hosting a roundtable discussion on the evolution of Litigation Finance in Australia. Topics will include the increasing threat of industry regulation, the Joint Parliamentary Committee’s perspective on litigation funding and class actions, how Australia may serve as a blueprint of sorts for global jurisdictions including the US, UK and EU, and the structural and cultural differences inherent to running a litigation funding firm in Australia.

As followers of the lit fin industry are well aware, Australia is the nation where Litigation Finance was born. The funding industry has come a long way since then… so far, in fact, that there is increased talk of regulation given the massive class actions that are taking place. But will such regulation be fruitful or counterproductive? And what about the many benefits Litigation Finance brings to Australian society, such as increased access to justice and a more robust legal landscape?

Hear from prominent founders and CEOs of major Australian-based litigation funders, including Omni Bridgeway, LCM and CASL, as they discuss the evolution of the Litigation Finance market in Australia, as well as the lessons other jurisdictions such as the US, UK and EU can learn from Australia.

This is a can’t miss digital event!

  • When: Tuesday, June 15h, 6pm EST (Wednesday June 16th, 8am Sydney time).
  • What: Panel discussion and Q&A with attendees. Audio-only event.
  • Who: CEOs and Founders from three major Australian litigation funders (LCM, Omni Bridgeway, and CASL).   

This 1hr and 15min event will be recorded, and all ticket holders will receive a recording of the event. So if you can’t make the time, you can still access the conference! The event will be moderated by Ed Truant of Slingshot Capital. 

For more information and tickets, please visit this link.

We hope you enjoy!
– The LFJ Team

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