Segue Cloud Services Introduces Segue 3.0 Platform

Segue Cloud Services, a division of Woodstock Capital Holdings, has released its Segue 3.0 platform, a cloud-based platform which  combines all pre-settlement funding workflows and processes, data recovery, and digitized document management features. Segue is a leading provider of cloud-based management tools for the legal and specialty finance community. It has served litigation finance companies and law offices around the country since 2010.

The Segue 3.0 platform offers several new and enhanced features that will help customers expedite processing, streamline workflows, and reduce operating costs. Recent upgrades include integrations with Intuit’s QuickBooks platform and OwnBackup, a recognized data recovery and security provider that ensures all case data is securely stored in the cloud. In addition, Segue has enhanced its reporting and analytics capabilities, determines profitability by organizational role as well as clients and law firms, and supports flexible fees.

Segue technology enables pre-settlement funding companies to manage their entire business —from intake to settlement—through an intuitive, browser-based interface. Through this technology, litigation finance companies can manage workflows, intake forms, track funding, notify stakeholders, and run reports, from any location. Segue’s 3.0 platform is accessible from any mobile device, facilitating pre-settlement funding during work-from-home and social distancing mandates.

The platform instantly digitizes and automates documents, populates signatures, delivers alerts and account status updates to stakeholders, and provides real-time reporting. It reduces much of the labor and human error associated in manual tracking of the often-burdensome pre-settlement funding process. Through this solution, Segue can help litigation finance firms place funds into the hands of plaintiffs and attorneys in as little as 24 hours, providing financial security during the pre-settlement period. Segue 3.0 is also capable of tracking medical receivables.

The platform’s tight integration with Salesforce enables customers to retrieve all Segue tools and features directly from the Salesforce portal, allowing the organization an efficient method to access case information and leverage advanced analytics and reporting capabilities from any device, anywhere in the world.

Segue has also extended its relationship with document management leader Conga, giving lenders and law firms the ability to manage all document management tasks from the cloud, simplifying business processes and accelerating time to funding. These features let Segue automate company notifications, contracts, pay-off letters, and electronic signatures.

“Segue has built a loyal following in the pre-settlement community not just for our technology’s  reliability and efficiency, but for our ability to automate the labor-intensive, cumbersome tasks that have been associated with pre-settlement funding,” said Kevin Flood, Segue’s chief operating officer. “The introduction of our Segue 3.0 platform represents a quantum leap forward for our customers. “By creating a new partnership with Intuit and Own Backup, as well as strengthening existing ties with Salesforce and Conga, we have added compelling new capabilities and features that make our platform more secure, resilient, and functional. We anticipate that both existing and new clients will be very satisfied with the myriad benefits they receive from this compelling platform.”

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