Pre-Settlement Funding Firm Expects Johnson & Johnson Talcum Based Baby Powder Cases to Settle By Year’s End

Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they expect a global settlement to be reached in the landmark Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Talc cases. It will be one of the largest mass tort settlements in U.S. history, costing J&J over $10 billion to resolve over 100,000 claims. 

Plaintiffs allege that J&J talc-based baby powder is directly responsible for causing their ovarian cancer, and point out that the company has long been aware of the health risks associated with their product. Several studies dating back to the 1970s concluded that talc particles increase a woman’s chances of developing serious medical issues, and evidence suggests that J&J has been intentionally concealing the results for decades. 

J&J has attempted to settle the cases via bankruptcy filing and a $9BB payout; however, plaintiffs’ lawyers believe that this is woefully insufficient compensation for the damage their product has inflicted, leaving the average settlement amount at less than $200k per plaintiff.

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Last week, Federal Judge Michael Kaplan put a hold on all trials as he examines Johnson & Johnson’s second bankruptcy filing. Claimants are not only challenging J&J’s strategy, but asking the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the pharmaceutical giant for improperly using the bankruptcy code. With the legal rhetoric now at a fever pitch, Judge Kaplan has requested the parties head to mediation to work out their differences.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, said, “Our sources close to the litigation have indicated that although a settlement is not imminent at this time; they believe decisive action toward a compromise could be taken by the end of this year. Typically, a fair transaction is when all parties walks away a little disappointed. Therefore, while we predict that J&J will come up on their nine-billion-dollar offer, it will still be well short of the settlement values plaintiffs feel they deserve for their devastating injuries.”

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Legal-Bay reports that the average settlement value for a case at $9B would be less than $100K. If J&J were to raise their offer, these figures could push the awards closer to $200K per average case, which would be a rather large award considering that 100K total claims are expected to be filed.

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