Episode 2 — Tania Sulan; Chief Investment Officer, Bentham Canada

On this week’s episode, our guest is Tania Sulan, CIO of Bentham Canada.

Tania spoke candidly about a number of subjects, including the challenges of opening an office in a brand new market, what makes Canada such an attractive investment opportunity, the specific differences between the Canadian and U.S. lit fin markets, and how far Canada has come in recognizing and accepting litigation finance as a valuable tool for both lawyers and claimants.

The Canadian litigation finance market is certainly heating up, which is good for Canada… because it’s cold up there. It’s also good because it means more entrants are soon to emerge: everyone from global funders like IMF Bentham extending their reach, to local funders popping up in litigation hubs such as Toronto and Vancouver, to lawyers and claimants seeking out funding opportunities… plenty of interested parties will soon be getting in on the act.

Yup, litigation finance in Canada is about to experience hockey stick growth (c’mon, I had to work in a hockey reference…), so give this episode a listen and learn a bit about litigation finance in Canada, eh.

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