Mitry Lawyers to Speak at the 5th Litigation Funding Conference in Sydney on May 31, 2019

Sydney, NSW, Australia–Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. announces that Mitry Lawyers will speak at the Litigation Funding Conference ( on May 31, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. Rick Mitrywill speak on the current status of the law of representative proceedings.


Mitry Lawyers is a boutique law firm with branches in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. It’s clientele range across Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

“Mitry Lawyers is committed to engaging Australian business with international opportunities as well as promoting Australian opportunities in global markets. We provide the expertise and legal support to facilitate both. We work to ensure our clients are best equipped to take advantage of existing opportunities and remain competitive with a rapidly transforming global market.”

Our specialties are private international law including cases for and against Australian and foreign governments, the law of diplomatic and foreign states immunities, commercial litigation, and representative proceedings as well as intellectual property and media.

Mitry Lawyers understand the complexities laden within the Australian legal system and endeavor to ensure that clients feel comfortable with the services provided and informed of the practical effect of legal processes.

Mitry Lawyers seek to continuously support and promote the education of young law students, through the Macquarie University Mitry Lawyers Award, and the internship of foreign students.


The Litigation Funding Conference is the leading networking and business event for the industry.  Corporate counsel and attorneys from significantly sized law firms seeking finances for high value claims meet directly with third party litigation funding firms, venture capitalists and hedge funds.  Financial professionals and investors representing significant resources attend to fund suits they are expressly interested in.

Time, the most valuable commodity at the event, is designed for maximum efficiency in introducing attorneys with those that provide funding to quickly identify the best opportunities and begin the deal making process.

Registration for the event can be made at

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