Legal-Bay Settlement Funding Announces Extended Filing Deadline For Victims Of Sexual Abuse

JERSEY CITY, N.J.Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Pre Settlement Funding Company, reports a win for the victims of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy members. After years of fighting, Governor Phil Murphy signed a law that offers victims of abuse the ability to sue their abusers up until they turn 55, or within seven years of their realization that the abuse caused them harm.

Additionally, victims formerly excluded by the previous statute of limitations now have two years to file lawsuits seeking damages from the churches and dioceses that covered up the abuse. The bill will go into effect on December 1, 2019.

If you or a loved one require an immediate cash advance from your clergy or Catholic church sexual abuse case, please visit the company’s website: or call: 877.571.0405

Chris Janish, CEO, commented on the company’s focus of assisting plaintiffs in similar situations, “While these cases are appalling and heartbreaking, it’s important for our company to inform the public of their options. Nothing can compensate for the lifetime trauma of childhood abuse, but with the new extended deadlines, adult victims will now be able to receive monetary reparations for their pain and suffering.”

Legal-Bay is an advocate for victims of sexual abuse across the country, and is well-versed in clergy abuse litigation, especially in situations where Catholic churches have filed for bankruptcy to limit their payouts. Even in those cases, the pre settlement cash company was able to provide a lawsuit cash advance to victims across the country, including NY and NJ.

If you have already filed a clergy or Catholic Church sexual abuse lawsuit, you can apply for presettlement funding at: or call: 877.571.0405

Legal-Bay’s programs are non-recourse lawsuit cash advances, also known as case funding, which means you only repay the settlement advance if you win your case. None of the programs should be considered to be a lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, settlement loans, settlement loan, pre-settlement loans, or a pre-settlement loan.


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