Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Enters Attorney Funding Market with Law Firm Loans Up to $25MM

Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding Company, announced today that they are now assisting a large number of attorneys with their funding needs. The premier lawsuit funding company is currently working with lawyers and law firms, generating a renewed focus on cash flow needs that may have arisen due to Covid-19 shutdowns and a severely slowed court system.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented, “We have secured ample capital in our quest to assist our many law firm clients. We’re able to get them the money they require to help them carry on with their professional needs, as case settlements have slowed down due to Covid-19. Legal-Bay is now positioned to be a full-service funding firm–and invaluable resource–for law firms and their clients alike by helping with cash-flow needs and building case value through our multitude of funding products.”

If you are a lawyer or law firm who needs an immediate cash advance and are interested in discussing how law firm loans can help you, please visit Legal-Bay HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405.

When it comes to case cost funding, funding for experts, trial cost, or medical procedure / surgical funding for a client, attorney loans are invaluable to lawyers and medical providers. Many law firms have walked away from great cases because they couldn’t pull the funding together for personal injury clients that don’t have insurance. Also, smaller firms sometimes need to bring in additional counsel for bigger cases because they cannot self-fund things like expert costs, excessive trial costs, or general case costs needed to properly prosecute a valid claim.

Plus, now that surgery centers are strapped for cash as well due to Covid they are more hesitant to undertake personal injury surgery on lien or Letter of Protection (LOP). Now, law firms can go to Legal-Bay to help finance the surgery by paying the medical provider upfront. This greatly improves the case value for the client, and the medical provider is more than willing to work with the law firm. Legal-Bay can structure large and small transactions mostly on a non-recourse basis depending on the nature of each transaction.

Legal-Bay has helped lawyers in New YorkNew JerseyFloridaPennsylvaniaCaliforniaTexas, and Ohio, but they work with attorneys from all states, even outside of NY, NJ, FL, PA, CA, TX, and OH. Let them provide immediate capital to scale your operation with credit lines up to $25MM. They are a leader in the industry with access to large capital portfolio companies. They offer the fastest approvals with less underwriting than traditional banks, and interest rates/usage fees have simple terms ranging from 12% to 40% per annum with no upfront fees or hidden costs built into the contracts. They can tailor transactions and paybacks, so your cash-flow remains strong. Legal-Bay’s goal is to work tirelessly to help get your firm the capital it requires.

If you are a lawyer or law firm who needs an immediate attorney loan or law firm loan, please visit Legal-Bay HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405.

Keep in mind, there are some key requirements to be eligible for funding:

1. Diversified portfolio of personal injury cases and/or other contingency fee type cases

2. Track record of success in settling and/or trial wins

3. Steady cash-flow and profits each year

4. Reputable principals within the firm with a history of integrity

Legal-Bay provides fast attorney loans for your law firm and your clients in need. Their staff is trained to make things as efficient for your team as possible. They want to be a resource to help your clients hold out for a fair settlement while also not inundating your firm with unnecessary document requests. Legal-Bay’s loans for lawyers provide the lowest industry rates so that any funding liens do not get in the way of settling your client’s case… and most importantly, put more money back into their pocket!

If you are a lawyer or law firm who needs an immediate cash advance for trial cost funding, funding for experts, or surgical funding, please visit Legal-Bay HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405.

Legal-Bay remains vigilant in helping clients with their professional and personal needs. Any clients who need cash now can apply for funding to help them get through their financial crises. Legal-Bay funds all types of law firm loans including funding off personal injury cases, attorney lines of credit, attorney fee acceleration, advancement of attorney fees, case cost lines of credit, case cost funding, case cost disbursement funding, and many more.

Legal-Bay works directly with many top law firms to provide the best cash advance rates in the industry in as little as 24 – 48 hours. They can assist with acquiring needed loans for law firms in circumstances such as:

  • Portfolio loans
  • Funding for trial costs, trial cost loans, case cost funding, or lines of credit
  • Law firm loans, law firm portfolio loans, law firm portfolio financing
  • Attorney funding, Lawyer funding, law firm funding, law firm advance
  • Non-recourse law firm advance, law firm financing
  • Attorney pre-settlement funding or attorney post-settlement funding
  • Legal Receivable Factoring
  • Appellate funding, appellate financing
  • Judgement on appeal loans, judgement on appeal funding
  • Verdict loans, verdict financing
  • Commercial litigation loans, commercial case funding, commercial case advance, commercial case loans, commercial lawsuit advance, commercial lawsuit loans, commercial lawsuit funding, commercial loans, commercial advance, commercial funding
  • Whistleblower loans, whistleblower advance, whistleblower funding
  • Qui-tam loans, Qui-tam funding, Qui-tam advance
  • Patent infringement funding, copyright infringement loans

Legal-Bay’s law firm funding programs are designed to provide immediate cash for attorneys who need advance capital to meet their firm’s financial demands. To apply right now, please visit the company’s website HERE or call toll-free at: 877.571.0405 where agents are standing by to answer any questions.

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