Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Announces Roundup Litigation Settlements Still Have No Definitive Timeframe

Legal-Bay, The Presettlement Funding Company, reports that Bayer is reassessing its efforts to settle the numerous lawsuits they are facing due to their Roundup brand weed killer. It is estimated that 30,000 plaintiffs still have outstanding suits against Monsanto (a subsidiary of Bayer), claiming the company’s product is directly responsible for making them sick.  Certain cancers are alleged to have been caused by the glyphosate-based herbicide including non Hodgkin lymphoma.

Bayer has agreed to pay compensation on some claims, even while disputing liability on others. However, it has already been ruled that it will take $9 billion to settle over 100,000 existing claims—four claims alone had jury verdicts of $2 billion as well but are in appeals.

At this time, Legal-Bay’s sources report that they are unaware of any victims who have been paid any actual funds from Monsanto, despite the settlement being reached over a year ago. There are no guarantees that the company will settle these suits, and no exact numbers can be provided for payout amounts at this time.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented, “We continue to assist and fund victims of Roundup despite no timeline as to when settlements will be ruled upon or when payouts will actually occur.  It is clear that Covid has slowed the payment process, but at this point the defendant seems to be dragging their feet unnecessarily.”

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