Iowa State Senator defends tort reform bill

State Senator Charles Schneider wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines Register, where he defended the states recent medical malpractice reform bill. Schneider cites a survey which found that Des Moines ranks as the 4th best city in the nation to practice medicine, yet despite that high ranking, the state of Iowa still struggles to find doctors.

Schneider posits that the dearth of medical professionals in the state is due to the high cost of doing business as a physician in Iowa, as compared with neighboring states. The Medical Liability Monitor’s 2016 Annual Rate Survey shows that Iowa has higher malpractice insurance premiums than its neighbors, due in part to the states previous unwillingness to pass any meaningful tort reform. The high cost of doing business pushes Iowa’s physicians-per-capita rank to 43rd in the nation.

Schneider alleges that the recent tort reform bill will make malpractice insurance premiums more competitive with neighboring states, thus making it more affordable for physicians to practice in Iowa. We’ll have to keep an eye on that physicians-per-capita ranking to see if Iowa’s tort reform bill does indeed provide a boost to the state’s medical profession.

Full article here.

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