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Nick Rowles-Davies, formerly of Burford Capital, returns to the lit fin scene

Nick Rowles-Davies is a name that litigation finance experts know well – he was instrumental in the early days of the industry’s evolution, working at powerhouse firms Vannin and Burford Capital.

Bentham IMF actively pursues whistleblower claims

Litigation Finance Bentham

Bentham IMF, one of the largest and most active lit fin firms, has gone out of its way to court whistleblowers looking to finance legal claims. In an article on its website, Bentham lays out the difficulties whistleblowers face, not only in coming forward with their allegations, but with financing their claims given the high…

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IMF Bentham Offers Views on Singapore

Litigation Finance Bentham

IMF Bentham sees opportunities in Singapore’s newly opened litigation finance market according to a new interview with the fund.